Rental Leasing

The advantages of renting equipment are many and varied. Right from preserving scarce capital to having the latest technologies whenever needed rentals promise greater convenience and comfort. At Matoshri Tech we also ensure quality service. Our aim is to make your operations smoother, faster and trouble-free. Have Your Corporate Rental Needs to be Met  – Effectively, Efficiently, & Affordably. We’ll meet your requirements in three ways:

  1. Effectively- Our computer equipment is custom-configured for every project. It’s then tested by our technicians to ensure that you can perform all desired tasks. Clients benefit from our commitment to excellence on all elements of the job, including ongoing technical support, quality control, and client satisfaction.
  2. Efficiently- When our staff works efficiently, you save time and money. Efficiency is a priority on all aspects of your project. You set a schedule – and we make it happen – even if it means getting equipment there in the middle of the night. Our experienced field technicians ensure proper installation and system structure, using correctly configured, name-brand equipment.
  3. Affordable- We always provide competitive rates. The high level of quality we provide is a great value when compared with “bargain” rental companies who can’t always deliver. We assure you that you will get the high-end service you expect at fair, affordable prices.


We are suitable for a technical partner on following needs:

  • Short-term projects
  • Presentations, Special Events
  • Temporary Needs During Peak Workloads
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Animation Companies
  • Television and Movie Production (Backoffice)
  • Business Travel
  • Emergency or Urgent Technical Needs
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